Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Graze, eating health

WOOOW, we're talking serious business today, we're talking food! My absolute favorite, but not just any food but the good kind, the friendly kind and the waist line kind. Even thou that all of us out there should feel completely content with ourselves its a very difficult thing to achieve. Frankly from time to time we all worry about the way we look and if you don't...your a pretty cool person.

As bad as this is....I love snacking and to be fair sometimes it is the healthy kind like a granny smith apple or an amazingly yummy banana,  possibly nuts and a personal favorite snack a jacks. However I am he type of person that gets bored easily so I can't do an apple a day to keep the doctor away. This leads on to GRAZE, Graze "started inventing snacks that showed off health's more pleasurable side and working out the best way to get them to busy foodies like us". It started of between 7 friends that "taste buds (and waistlines) were suffering at the hands of average snacks". I personally think this is a great concept and am absolutely kicking myself because why did I not think of it. 

Its a convent concept, which is so easy. All you have to do is make an order online, select your day of delivery and receive a yummy parcel in the post and there are always promotions (great). 

Always great for the working person and brilliant for students especially during busy exam periods. 

Tell me about your experience of Graze box and what you think about it, also whats your favorite snack 


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