Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I got trapped in Boots and the hype of Essie (a leading professional nail colour brand). Kid you not but I was there for ages the colour range in boots was so diverse. I came out with a pretty pink colour, STATUS SYMBOL 26. After using it I understand why its such a popular nail brand. The brush was wide and easy to use and the drying time was quick which was impressive. I will surely be buying more to add to my collection :) 
I would like to check out   a few colours from the new Essie collection, Mirror Metallics which has recently been launched. 
 I top coated my nails with Sally Hansen's Anti-Chip Top Coat- just to last a little longer 
I purchased it from Boots at £7.99 for 13.5ml, which was slightly pricey compared to the other nail colour brands but it was something that I personally wanted to try out.  

Have you tried Essie nail colours? What do you think? Any particular nail colors that you recommend?
Please leave a comment below :)

Just a few pieces from LUSH that I have been trying out over the past month. I had a horrible breakout of rashes on the face caused by several factors, one my parents decided to renovate the house which is involving several broken walls and plenty of dust and second I'm still recovering from the stress levels of my exams and slowly but surely breaking away from the bad eating habits. Not only that but i feel as though this year its taking my skin longer to adjust to the weather change. I'm not rolling in the money so i needed to be slightly wise. I popped into Lush before work and thought I would pick a few miracles. 
1) OatiFix Fresh Face Mask- for dry skin
I have extremely dry skin and when I saw "dry skin" on the packaging I jumped at it. The main ingredients oatmeal is beneficial in the following forms;
  • contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • suitable for most skin types and sensitive skin
  • contains cleansing agents-
  • provides moisture
  • helps remove dead skin cells
  • can help with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes 
  • help relieve symptoms of skin ageing  
I have used this Face Mask on two occasions now, and have not finished the tub and I will not be jumping with excitement again. When applying on the face I didn't feel glamorous, it has a grain like texture, its cold on the face which is fairly normal, however it has to be said it smells lovely of almonds and vanilla. It was easy to wash of the face however it didn't leave my face feeling brilliant it started reacting with my skin. So i won't be purchasing it again. However this hasn't put me off Lush I would like to try the Love lettuce. If you have tried  the love lettuce Face Mask leave a comment. 

2) Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion 
I have had this dream cream for a while now and i have just neglected it and not given the glory that it deserves. It has a pretty strong smell but i love it. I have been applying it after coming out of the shower been using when i have dry skin during the day too. Truly and honestly it is a "life partner to sensitive skin". It contains ingredients like rose water, oat milk, tea tree oil and lavender oil, all my favourite in one really. Highly recommended and I will be buying it again. 
3) Breath of Fresh Air- Toner Water 
I watched a video by essie from essiebutton and she recommended the Eau Roma Water toner. I thought I would check it out and kinda preferred the sound of the Breath of Fresh Air. Its so fresh and gives you a right little boost. I spray it on my face and remove the excess with a cotton pad in the morning and a night and then apply a moisturizer. My skin doesn't feel awkward or tight or even sore it just feels fresh.  I was frightened that it would dry out my skin but surprise surprise it didn't do that either. Its a good toner for normal/dry skin and sensitive skin. 

4) Grease Lightening- spot treatment 
Its been great for my spots and out bursts. It wasn't a miracle overnight but it does work and it didn't react with my skin unlike other spot treatments. However i would like to try out the Origins super spot remover which is more expensive thou. 

Have you guys tried any of these Lush products? Whats your favourite Lush products?


Monday, 25 June 2012

Strawberry Summer Face Mask SUPER EASY TO MAKE 

When I think of summer I think of all these beautiful and delicious fruits that I usually neglect during the winter but when it comes to summer I just tend to gobble them up. But this summer I have been also applying it on my face, yes you heard it right, ON THE FACE :/ 
As much as I love THE BODY SHOP, I thought if Body Shop can do it then so can I. So I set a task to make a beautiful smelling and hopefully looking, Strawberry Summer Face Mask. 
The Strawberry face mask would be beneficial for people who have acne because strawberries contain Salicylic Acid. Salicyclic Acid is commonly found in a range of acne treatments and applications. This doesn't imply that this face mask has the same outcome on the skin or that it will completely heal acne. Yogurt the other ingredient found in the face mask contains cooling properties and therefore makes it ideal for the warm summers. Yogurt is also inexpensive and favorable for those who are sun burnt. This face mask is suitable for all skin types, however is you are allergic to any of the two ingredients then it is strongly not advised. Please, please try the face mask on a small section on your skin before trying it out on your face if you have sensitive skin.  

3 average size strawberries (juicy ones are better :)) 
1/4 cup of Greek yogurt or sour cream
Blender or a fork 
Good sized bowl 
old make up brush or cotton pad  
Labels or tags and a pen


step 1 Take 3 average sized strawberries, wash and cut them up, put into a clean blender or bowl ready to mix

step 2 Measure out 1/4 cup of yogurt or sour cream and add to the strawberries 
step 3 Mix the two ingredients together using a fork or blender 
step 4 The face mask is ready to use, apply on face for 10-15 minutes with an old make up brush or a cotton pad and then wash off

step 5 Once you have applied the face mask, you can put the remainder of the mask into a container, you may wish to put a label or tag on the container mentioning the date you made it and what it is, then place in fridge and use within two days. 

If you love a strawberry scent, then try out the strawberry body butter from The Body Shop or the strawberry body shower. The Body Shop have also brought out a new beautifying oil in many different scents including strawberry. 

Try it out, and tell me about your experience. What face masks do you use? I'm open to all suggestions, love to here from you. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012


So I was walking around as you do, and came across Tantrum. I have never heard of tantrum before so I was little intrigued.  It was fabulous looking bright and colorful and right up my street, including a fabulous colour range of nail varnishes an inside nail parlor, a hair comb selection of brands including Tangle Teezer. So i walk in  and i became a little kid in a sweet shop :)

I then came home, did the bad deed and i thought i would do some research on Tantrum as I had never heard of them before. I found out that it was in fact a fun salon for children which kind of made me feel like a plum, but oh well. However the inspiring part of it was that Tantrum  " established to donate its profits to our charity, tantrum for kids".
Tantrum that I went to was the one in Startford Westfeild however it is also found in Hamleys on the third floor on Regent Street. So, if you have a gorgeous little daughter or a niece or any special girl it would be a recommended place to go and see. 

What caught my eye were these amazing nail polishes, "surprisesurprise"  but its not any old nail polish it has a multi function. Which can be used in the following forms;
1) As a normal application of nail varnish 

2) Used as a felt tip, by using the felt tip end 

3) can be recycled so you can use the felt tip feature again 

woow...forget two in one, we have three in one 

Check out my ATTEMPT at Aztec pattern nails (sorry for the horrible nails) 
I used two rimmel nail polishes, but you can use whatever you fancy, i also used a protective layer too, and obviously the two felt tips from Tantrum. 
I used a first coat of nail polish and then used the felt tips to draw on or attempt the Aztec pattern. 

Check it out 

I would like to know what you lot think, please write a comment...and try it out, have some fun with your nails this summer 

Hi, so I have just pulled up the courage to start my very own blog which is inspired by loads of really amazing bloggers out there. So fingers crossed and touch wood, here we go.....:)