Saturday, 23 June 2012


So I was walking around as you do, and came across Tantrum. I have never heard of tantrum before so I was little intrigued.  It was fabulous looking bright and colorful and right up my street, including a fabulous colour range of nail varnishes an inside nail parlor, a hair comb selection of brands including Tangle Teezer. So i walk in  and i became a little kid in a sweet shop :)

I then came home, did the bad deed and i thought i would do some research on Tantrum as I had never heard of them before. I found out that it was in fact a fun salon for children which kind of made me feel like a plum, but oh well. However the inspiring part of it was that Tantrum  " established to donate its profits to our charity, tantrum for kids".
Tantrum that I went to was the one in Startford Westfeild however it is also found in Hamleys on the third floor on Regent Street. So, if you have a gorgeous little daughter or a niece or any special girl it would be a recommended place to go and see. 

What caught my eye were these amazing nail polishes, "surprisesurprise"  but its not any old nail polish it has a multi function. Which can be used in the following forms;
1) As a normal application of nail varnish 

2) Used as a felt tip, by using the felt tip end 

3) can be recycled so you can use the felt tip feature again 

woow...forget two in one, we have three in one 

Check out my ATTEMPT at Aztec pattern nails (sorry for the horrible nails) 
I used two rimmel nail polishes, but you can use whatever you fancy, i also used a protective layer too, and obviously the two felt tips from Tantrum. 
I used a first coat of nail polish and then used the felt tips to draw on or attempt the Aztec pattern. 

Check it out 

I would like to know what you lot think, please write a comment...and try it out, have some fun with your nails this summer 



  1. Ahhh these look awesome!If you still have these come September you will have to give me a manicure :D