Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I got trapped in Boots and the hype of Essie (a leading professional nail colour brand). Kid you not but I was there for ages the colour range in boots was so diverse. I came out with a pretty pink colour, STATUS SYMBOL 26. After using it I understand why its such a popular nail brand. The brush was wide and easy to use and the drying time was quick which was impressive. I will surely be buying more to add to my collection :) 
I would like to check out   a few colours from the new Essie collection, Mirror Metallics which has recently been launched. 
 I top coated my nails with Sally Hansen's Anti-Chip Top Coat- just to last a little longer 
I purchased it from Boots at £7.99 for 13.5ml, which was slightly pricey compared to the other nail colour brands but it was something that I personally wanted to try out.  

Have you tried Essie nail colours? What do you think? Any particular nail colors that you recommend?
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